Monday, August 22, 2011

Lay Me Down- L. Marie Cook

I had to start this review process somewhere. I've been searching all day on Amazon for a self-published book to review, preferably one that has not been reviewed yet.  Even my own book has three Amazon reviews. But the main reason I started this book review blog was because I couldn't get any book bloggers to review my book. So as uncouth as it may seem, I'm going to review it my fucking self! But for the greater good, I will at least try not to be such an asshole and stroke my own ego too much.

Lay Me Down- By L. Marie Cook

Genre: Humor, non-fiction

Availability: Amazon and Kindle 

Rating:  Biff

I know what you're thinking, "she gave herself a Biff because its her book." And you know what? It's my Book Blog too! But seriously.

Its very funny and honest account of a young girl's journey through sex, love and relationships. The book has a very conversational tone. The stories are unique as well as identifiable. We all have snuck out of the house, felt nervous around the opposite sex, made embarrassing yet laughable mistakes, been in relationships and hopefully we all have had sex. This book ignites those memories for many readers while also providing entertaining insight into some of the less common milestones such as threesomes, anxiety attacks, and abortion. If you are old enough to remember where you were for The New Millennium and young enough to have acid flash backs, you will most likely enjoy this book.  And if the word "fuck" bothers you, you will most likely not like this book.

The book spans a decade from the loss of virginity at thirteen to a new found confidence and self-guidance at twenty-three. The journey is vast but the stories are quick-witted. Its fun to see the major changes that result from growing up, making mistakes and letting one's guard and inhibitions drop to the floor like a pair of skinny jeans at a King of Leon concert. On this voyage of the heart and vagina, we learn that going down on a girl is not always as good of an idea as it seems, you can try as hard as you want but some butt's aren't made for fucking and just because he makes you weak in the knees doesn't mean he's not a pathological liar who will steal your credit card.  We also learn that sisters can be cruel but with time they may save your ass, on the abortion table its possible to find the doctor sexy and no matter how much you love a man it hurts when he doesn't choose you.

The most common phrases used to describe this book are, "laugh-out-loud" funny and "could not put it down". Its not a very long book and most avid readers could plow through it is as little to 3-6 hours. Especially if they don't put it down. There are some great one liners that even get me saying, "I can't believe I wrote that." I too will laugh-out-loud even though it's my own shit. The stories will suck you in so much that while trying to do later round editing I would find my self reading and laughing instead of looking for errors.

There are a few typos. As with anything self-published these days, you can expect a few. But there are definitely not so many that the reader finds them-self annoyed and distracted and fully removed.

Overall its a great, quick, funny read that will leave you wanting more. It's not for anyone who takes them-self too seriously, because I most certainly don't.

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  1. Ha, hilarious. I'll need to get me a copy to check out. And if you need some books to review, I certainly have access to many!