Thursday, October 6, 2011

Literary Blog Hop! 10-6/10-10

This is one of the greatest things ever created for the world of book bloggers! As a reader, writer and reviewer myself it was one of the most useful tools I could have ever dreamt of!

Through the Blog Hop I found ALL of my favorite book blogs! Whether directly or indirectly.

My Favorite Book Blog is Books I done Read it's fun and quirky and is filled with entertaining non-sense.

If I'm in the mood for a more serious review I go to Big Al's Books and Pals he has lots of great reviews with links and reviews mostly indie books. He also features a guest review or article from time to time my, my favorite being, Donna Fasano's article Chick Lit and Romance, a defining moment . It's a very enlightening breakdown for those who think all a chick wants is "Happily Ever After"

Beside Big Al's guest articles I really love his format and organization of the reviews on the blog and I took a few format ques from his blog when creating my own.

The Best Book Review I ever read was from The Blue Book Case, and was recent I might add. I have been getting more and more interested in reading Hemingway since I only recently read The Old Man and the Sea, and Their review of a Movable Feast made me more motivated and I bought the book.

And Amanda Hocking, a highly successful self-published/turned millionaire has a great quirky blog where she lists and rates things book and media realted. She's such a character and kind of a great humble inspiration.

And of course All this AWESOME BLOG-HOPPINESS is due to the wonderful Book Blog

Wanna Join the Blog Hop?

Just head over to Crazy For Book and follow the instructions if you qualify 


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  4. Great stuff here Leslie! You're awesome! xxx